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Nikki Haley's Victims

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If you would like to meet some of the tens of thousands of people hurt by the policies and politics of SC Governor Nikki Haley, head down to Greenville’s Free Medical Clinic. I was there registering people to vote and met a woman I’ll call Miranda. Miranda once worked at Wells Fargo in collections and she made $50,000 a year. She suffered two strokes and now has vascular dementia which causes short term memory loss. She was waiting at the free clinic because she lost her job and her insurance and doesn’t qualify for subsidized insurance and probably could qualify for Medicaid but can’t get that because Nikki Haley refuses to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Madeline also doesn’t qualify for unemployment and has been refused disability payments because her doctors insist that she is able to work with restrictions. But as she said who’s going to hire a woman who can’t remember simple instructions and has to use GPS to find her way home?

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Knocking on Heaven's Door/Book Club July 2014

My book club engaged in a stimulating discussion about life and death last night. The book I selected for the group to read was Knocking on Heaven’s Door by Katy Butler, a memoir about Butler’s father Jeff’s long struggle to survive a series of strokes and heart disease. Butler’s mother Valerie is Jeff’s caregiver and often the bane of Butler’s existence. The story encompasses family dynamics, medical ethics, Medicare, health care spending on the elderly and America’s inability to deal with death.

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Haley's Decides to Diagnose but not Treat the Working Poor in SC

The idiocy and Tea Party centric nature of SC Governor Nikki Haley’s governance is reflected in a recent decision to expand the range of medical screenings offered to Medicaid patients. You’ll remember that Haley refused to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, this decision left 300,000 low income residents without health care. Instead of accepting federal money to cover the cost of expanding Medicaid, Haley expanded an existing program, SC Healthy Connections Checkup is an expansion of what was called Family Planning coverage. Everyone knows early diagnosis is the key to treating potentially fatal illnesses like cancer so this sounds like a great idea at first. S

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