Meet Roxanne Walker…The South Carolina Broadcasters Association named Roxanne Radio Personality of the Year in 2002. She has been honored for her political opinion commentary by the Greenville Chapter of Women in Communications.

Roxanne resides in Taylors, SC with her husband Alan and the best dog in the world Allie.



Gun Crazy

Today’s front page headlines in The Greenville News, “2 Dead in Highway Shootout,” “Police work to understand incident that left 4 dead.” Inside the first section is a school picture of one of the victims, 9-year old Hayden King. I keep thinking about the police officers who had to look inside the car and see the bodies of Hayden and his little sister 5 year old Harper and their mother Jessica Edens. That’s a picture you won’t be able to easily forget. This is what happens when desperate, angry people use guns to solve their problems.

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Inter Party War

There’s a war brewing in the Democratic Party. On the way to the Democratic presidential nomination, supporters of our candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are drawing battle lines and verbal bombs are being thrown on social media between the competing camps and their followers and feelings are being hurt and friendships damaged in the process.

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Gun Sense in America

Yesterday Jennifer Pinckney the widow of SC Senator Clementa Pinckney went to the White House and stood directly behind President Barack Obama as he delivered one of the most stirring speeches of his presidency. President Obama invited Mrs. Pinckney and her daughters to join him as he announced executive actions to try to curb gun violence. The Pinckney’s were among many victims families in the room, all of their lives torn asunder by mass shootings.

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