Meet Roxanne Walker…The South Carolina Broadcasters Association named Roxanne Radio Personality of the Year in 2002. She has been honored for her political opinion commentary by the Greenville Chapter of Women in Communications.

Roxanne resides in Taylors, SC with her husband Alan and the best dog in the world Allie.



Change is Gonna Come

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On Saturday February 8th I took part in the John M. Spratt Issues Conference sponsored by the South Carolina Democratic Party. I heard from two legendary lawmakers in South Carolina. Former Congressman John Spratt and Congressman Jim Clyburn. Three hundred party activists from across South Carolina gathered in Greenville to strategize about electing Democrats in one of the reddest states in America. I’ve been involved in Democratic politics for more than 20 years in South Carolina and I can honestly say I’ve never seen our party as organized, well funded and energized as we are at this moment in time.

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Wind of Change Blowing in SC

I car pooled to Columbia yesterday riding with members from the Greenville Unitarian Universalist Fellowship to take part in the “Enough is Enough” rally in Columbia, SC. The rally coincided with the reconvening of the SC Legislature at noon, Tuesday, January 14, 2014. Enough is enough is the product of the SC Progressive Network, which brought together a broad coalition of South Carolina including; the faith community, the South Carolina Democratic Party,PNHP Physicians for a National Health Program, unions, SC AFL-CIO, UAW,SCEA, SC NAACP, SC Voting Rights Project, and the Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation. All told about 400 people of all races, ages and genders gathered at the side entrance to the SC Capital building to say, “enough is enough.” It was an inspiring,albeit chilly wet day. The wind of change is blowing once again in South Carolina.

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Abuse of Mentally Ill Inmates Standard Operating Procedure in SC Prisons

If you are looking for a classic example of the lack of political leadership in South Carolina, look no further than the front page of today’s Greenville News. Circuit Judge Michael Baxley issued a 45 page ruling that gives the state Department of Corrections six months to formulate a plan on how to deal with better serving its mentally ill inmates. Baxley said his ruling, “should not come as a shock” to the agency. “Despite its knowledge of the grave risks these deficiencies pose to mentally ill inmates SCDC has failed through the years to take reasonable steps to abate those risks.” Apparently the decision and revelations of mistreatment of mentally ill prisoners comes as a shock to Senator Mike Fair, of Greenville, the chairman of the Senate Corrections and Penology Committee who told The Greenville News “I didn’t know that we had a problem with any particular aspect of mistreating or not treating inmates who have a diagnosis of mental illness.” Y

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