Meet Roxanne Walker…The South Carolina Broadcasters Association named Roxanne Radio Personality of the Year in 2002. She has been honored for her political opinion commentary by the Greenville Chapter of Women in Communications.

Roxanne resides in Taylors, SC with her husband Alan and the best dog in the world Allie.



Four More Years

A year ago I vowed to do everything I could to defeat Nikki Haley and I failed. To say I’m depressed barely covers it. Never underestimate the stupidity of the South Carolina electorate or their ability to make decisions contrary to their own best interests and the good of their state under the leadership of the Republican Party.

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Voters of Greenville County Tell Koch Brothers to Butt Out of Tax Referendum

Our household received 2 robo calls, 1 live call and 3 mailings in the last few days from Citizens for Prosperity the Koch brothers funded political action committee. All of the calls and mail concerned the penny tax referendum in Greenville County to fund road improvements. CItizens for Prosperity wants to convince voters that the taxes collected won’t be used for road projects it will be redirected and their favorite argument taxes are already too high. The language of the referendum is crystal clear and has been clarified by the experts so that’s bunk. The real question to me is why two billionaires care enough about a penny sales tax referendum in little ole Greenville, SC to spend tens of thousands of dollars lobbying against it? The other curiosity is why South Carolinian’s known for their dogged dedication to doing things their own way damn the other 49 states would allow said billionaires to gain a foothold in our state’s political arena and steer the poltical conversation and affect the outcome of an issue on the ballot that will affect each and every one of us every day. I guaurantee you the Koch brothers won’t be driving on these pothold covered roads any time soon.

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Nikki Haley's Victims

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If you would like to meet some of the tens of thousands of people hurt by the policies and politics of SC Governor Nikki Haley, head down to Greenville’s Free Medical Clinic. I was there registering people to vote and met a woman I’ll call Miranda. Miranda once worked at Wells Fargo in collections and she made $50,000 a year. She suffered two strokes and now has vascular dementia which causes short term memory loss. She was waiting at the free clinic because she lost her job and her insurance and doesn’t qualify for subsidized insurance and probably could qualify for Medicaid but can’t get that because Nikki Haley refuses to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Madeline also doesn’t qualify for unemployment and has been refused disability payments because her doctors insist that she is able to work with restrictions. But as she said who’s going to hire a woman who can’t remember simple instructions and has to use GPS to find her way home?

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